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  • Don’t Bounce the Ball Before You ServeWhen preparing to serve, don’t bounce the ball. You never have the right grip when you bounce the ball. And, bouncing the ball forces your weight forward, when you want to have your weight back. That way you can drive forward through the ball on your serve.
  • Attacking High Balls with Jacqueline Cako and Joel KielbowiczIf you’re familiar with the tennis scene in Phoenix, you’ve no doubt heard of (if not played in) the Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale Tennis Tournament held at the Camelback Village. What most people don’t know is that Josh started and directs money tournaments like the Mercedes for tour pros to get out and play with the […]
  • Hitting Cross Court Let the Ball Tell You Where to Hit ItToday’s video is about placement control and hitting cross court. If you’re being pulled out wide, don’t go cross court. Let the ball tell you where to hit it. Being pulled out wide and trying to hit it cross court means you’d have to chicken wing it or flip the racket. Your body simply isn’t […]
  • What goes forward What Goes Forward Must Come BackIf you’re playing aggressively and have worked yourself all the way into the net, you have to move back to be able to attack and come in again, or prepare for the lob.
  • Warm Up Your Serve The Best Way to Warm Up Your ServeYour serve is the only part of a tennis match that you control 100%. Naturally, how you warm up is an important part of your serve. While there are lots of ways to warm up, you don’t want to come out hitting serves full speed. This warm-up isn’t just a great way to get your […]
  • Proper Volley Grip The Proper Volley GripAre you changing your grip for forehand and backhand volleys? If so, you’re doing it wrong. The volley grip is unique because you don’t have time to keep switching your grip. Use this drill to practice a proper Volley Grip.
  • Master the Drop Shot Master the Drop ShotDrop shots are all about catching the ball to kill its momentum and moving forward.
  • Drop as the Ball Drops Forehand – Low to HighIn the forehand, low to high is more about your body than your racket. Can you move with the ball?
  • How to Find Your Grips How to Find Your GripsCan you find your grips without looking? Tennis is easier with the right grip. The right grip for the shot helps you effortlessly control the face of the racket and trajectory of the ball.